Yes. We are capable of opening locks without keys about 90% of the time. Sometimes if time is limited or if our techniques are not getting us the desired result, we may have to drill the lock to open the door. We will always let you know before we do this and we are always able to repair or replace the lock afterwards.

Most of the common ones we can. There are over 10 000 different key blanks. We can cut keys for most of the ones found locally and some less common types. Some keys we are legally not allowed to cut such as Restricted keys from other Locksmiths. If you have one of these keys you will have to go back to the Company whose name is stamped on the head of the key. For the less common keys that aren’t restricted, if we don’t have it we can order them in if needed.

Yes. We service the south side of Brisbane including Woolloongabba, Yatala, Ipswich, Beaudesert and all suburbs in between. We do travel out of this range but this depends if the volume of the work requested makes it viable for the customer as call outs for longer travelling time can make it expensive for minor jobs. Call us for more info on service to your area.

Yes. Our vehicles are mobile workshops equipped with a key cutting machine capable of cutting most commonly used keys.

Yes. Our workshop is located at 35 Tradelink Drive, Browns Plains (Hillcrest). We are open 8:30 – 5:00 Monday to Friday.

Some padlocks are cheaper to replace than make keys for. It all depends on the quality of the padlock. If you paid less than $20 for it, replacing is your best option.

Yes. We can also install locks on windows and screen doors. We have deadlocks to suit most purposes and can even rekey them with an existing key for convenience.

Yes. This is one of our specialties. Great for businesses to be able to control how many keys are cut to their premises. Duplicates can only be cut by us and only when requested by a signed request form. For more information please call us.

Yes – most of the time.  Some sliding doors (glass aluminium and security screen combinations) are too close together to allow the same key for your front timber door to operate the screens.  This is the main factor that will determine if you have 1 key for everything including the screens or 1 key for all the timber & glass doors and a separate key for all the screens.  Some locks may need to be replaced to achieve this.  Often customers prefer having two different perimeter keys, one for the main doors and one for the screens.

Yes as long as the lock is in working order and there are no parts missing.