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10 Reasons To Replace Your Door Locks (BrizSouth Locksmiths)

by | Oct 23, 2016 | Uncategorized

There can be many occasions and some good reasons to change the locks on your doors, and in this post we will cover 10 reasons why and when it’s a good idea to get a locksmith in to change your locks.

#1 – Old Locks
If you live in an older style house it could have really old locks on the front and back doors. Some of these older locks were extremely common and quite easy for thieves to jimmy. It’s a smart idea to update these old locks with something modern and secure.
#2 – Worn Out Locks
Locks that are continually getting loose, or the key is sloppy in the barrel, should be replaced by a locksmith. Worn out locks are not secure.
#3 – Flatmate Has Moved Out
While we all like to feel we can trust our flatmates, if someone has recently moved out, best to get those door locks changed, just in case a copy of the key was made. You just never know. Better safe than sorry.
#4 – After A Break In
If you have recently endured a break in, get a mobile locksmith out to replace the door locks for external doors. Even if they didn’t gain access to the home through one of the doors, they may have found house keys once inside and could easily come back and enter your home again. Don’t take any chances.
#5 – Someone Lost Their House Keys
Another good reason to get those locks rekeyed. If someone has lost their house keys you want to be safe in the knowledge that anyone finding them can’t gain access to your home. Changing the locks – although an added expense – will give you peace of mind.
#6 – Cheap Locks
Maybe your entrance door or back door is currently fitted with a rather cheap and nasty lock. Best to either replace the cheap locks or have quality deadlocks fitted for added security. Your local residential locksmith can help you out with this.
#7 – You Just Broke Up With Your Partner
The relationship has ended and your partner has moved out. However, they have taken the house keys with them. If the break up was less than harmonious, then you don’t want an ex to have easy access back into your home. Get those locks changed immediately.
#8 – You Fired An Employee
If it is a business premises and you recently fired someone who has a set of keys, be sure to change those locks. While not every disgruntled employee will seek some sort of revenge, you just never know.
#9 – You Just Moved In
You’ve just moved into a new place and have been handed the keys. Only problem is, does the previous tenant still have a spare set of keys? Don’t leave things to fate. Take action and call a locksmith.
#10 – The Locks Are Hard To Open
Sometimes a lock just doesn’t work properly and you constantly struggle to unlock the door. Don’t put up with this. Call a locksmith and have that problem lock replaced,adjusted or repaired.
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