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5 Security Tips

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You want to keep your family, your home and your belongings safe and secure and out of the prying hands of thieves. You also don’t want undesirables lurking around your yard at night or when you are out. In this post we will take a look at 5 ways you can keep your home more secure whether you are at home or not.

#1 – Install Quality Locks
Don’t trust the security of your home to cheap and flimsy door and window locks. Call in a residential locksmith to take a look at your home and advise you on the best locks to have installed on your exterior doors and windows. An accredited locksmith will install high quality locks and will guarantee their work. Lock up securely when you are at home or go out.
#2 – Security Screens and Doors
In conjunction with quality locks throughout the home, having security screens and doors installed will add yet another layer of security to your home, keeping you, your family and your prized possessions safe. The harder you make it for a criminal to gain access to your home, the less of a target you will become.
#3 – Back-To-Base Alarm/Security System
Having your home wired up with a state of the art alarm system not only warns of an intruder, but is more than likely to send them packing the moment the alarm goes off. If you set up a system in conjunction with a security company, the moment there is a security breach, the company will be alerted and a security guard will be sent round to check on your home.
#4 – Sensor Lights
A series of outdoor sensor lights placed strategically about the home and yard will light the place up like Christmas if an intruder is lurking about at night. If a thief is on the prowl under the cover of darkness, the last thing they will want is a lot of bright lights coming on with every step they take. Sensor lights are a very effective deterrent to criminals.
#5 – A Guard Dog
No one is going to want to enter your yard, let alone your home, if they hear the ferocious growl of a guard dog on the other side of the fence. A guard dog works as both a deterrent and a warning system when it comes to intruders. If you don’t fancy owning a big and threatening dog, you can still have a small dog. Even a small dog will start barking at the first sign of an intruder and alert both yourself or the neighbours to a prowler.
With these 5 security tips in place your home is certain to be a safe haven. If you want to change or install quality locks throughout your home and need a locksmith, get in touch with BrizSouth Locksmiths in Brisbane today.


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