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Dos and Don’ts of House Security

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Human beings have a tendency to take extra precautions only after an accident has happened. Being careful about our security is not a very difficult task. It does not necessarily mean that we have to spend a fortune on security gadgets. Taking a few simple steps and being careful about a few simple things will not only reduce, but also might prevent the chances of any kind of burglary or theft in your Brisbane home.


  • Lights: Having good lighting at the entrance of the house not only gives us a sense of security at night, but it actually makes the burglar think twice about robbing your house.
  • Get a dog: A dog’s strong sense of smell and strong observation enables him to perceive any suspicious activity around the house, and his barking will make the intruder uncomfortable.


  • Don’t let your plants grow wild: It is best not to let your plants grow wild, otherwise it might allow any possible intruders cover to hide. The lesser large objects there are around the house, the smaller the chance for any robber to conceal themselves.
  • Don’t dispose of the cartons from appliances openly: Disposing of the cartons of electrical appliances like an expensive T. V. will attract burglars very easily because they will know that there is an expensive item in your house. Cartons can be recycled and used for other purposes, so it is best not to openly throw them away.
  • Don’t neglect an old lock: A worn out, old and rusty lock is very easy to break open. It is safer to replace your old locks before any kind of mishap occurs. Get in touch with Brizsouth Locksmiths to have your old locks repaired, or to have your old locks checked for any faults.


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