Moving into a new house- Is lock replacement necessary?

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When you move into a new house, the first thing that you should consider doing urgently is replacing or rekeying your locks. The house that you have just moved in to has had previous owners or tenants, and you don’t know how many people out there might have access to your home. So, lock rekeying or replacement is absolutely necessary for the safety and security of your family in Brisbane.

Rekeying your locks

Many people do not know that it is possible to rekey your locks instead of replacing them when you get a new home, which is a quicker, cheaper and easier option. Rekeying refers to readjusting the internal workings of a lock so that it can function with a different key. In this way, you have the same lock, but by chance if anyone has the old keys, he/she will no longer have access. This gives you safety within a budget.

You must also note that you should never attempt to rekey your doors yourself. There are various rekey tutorials and DIY kits widely available with seemingly easy instructions, but rekeying your locks yourself will jeopardise the safety of your home and loved ones. If you are living in Brisbane, call BrizSouth Locksmiths for a quick rekeying service.

Replacing your locks

Though rekeying your locks is a cheaper and easier option, you should never be tempted by it. If your locks are old, worn out or rusty, make sure to replace them as soon as possible because rekeying them would endanger you with the risk of someone breaking in.

You may also want to replace your locks if you are looking for a new style and an upgraded lock.

To answer the main question, lock replacement is necessary if your locks are too old or simply, if you want new locks. Otherwise, rekeying your locks is enough. BrizSouth Locksmiths offers both rekeying and lock replacement services. Contact us for details.

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