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Prevent Break Ins

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Anyone who has experienced having their home broken into and ransacked by thieves will understand the feelings of violation and invasion of privacy. Often this sensation is way stronger than the sense of loss experienced from having something stolen. Just knowing someone uninvited has accessed your home is an eerie feeling, and a situation that could even be dangerous if anyone happens to be home at the time.

In this post we will look at a few tips to help deter thieves and prevent break ins and home invasions.
Don’t Tempt Thieves
Leaving items around the yard, such as bikes or expensive toys and the like is an open invitation for a thief to target your home. Likewise, if you have a habit of leaving all the windows and doors unlocked or open, any thief who might be casing the neighbourhood will take note of this and your home will become a target. Also don’t leave the packaging from newly-purchased expensive electrical goods laying about outside, advertising to thieves what’s on offer.
Make It Look Like Someone Is Home
If you go out at night, leave a few lights on, inside and outside. Maybe even have a radio on as well so potential thieves hear this and are tricked into thinking someone is home. Most thieves only target homes where they believe no one is home at the time.
Get A Dog
Whether it be a big, ferocious guard dog or even a small dog, any dog will act as a deterrent, as well as an alarm to alert you to an intruder. Dogs are extremely territorial animals and will guard their property with their lives.
Security Screens And Doors
In Queensland the climate is warm to hot for much of the year, so we don’t always want to keep all the windows and doors closed. If you install quality security screens and doors you can safely leave your windows and doors open, allowing a cooling breeze to circulate the home while at the same time keeping undesirables out.
Set Up Home Security Cameras
Many of these can be accessed via the internet so you can keep tabs on your property while you’re out or away on holiday. Spotting security cameras will be enough on its own to deter most criminals. And if not, you will capture their escapades on camera and have something concrete to show the police.
Install A Security System
Having an alarm system with back-to-base monitoring really offers peace of mind, knowing that if an intruder is lurking about, it will not only trigger an alarm, but a security guard will respond and come by your property to investigate.
Quality Locks Keep Out Thieves
Having quality locks on your doors and windows will make it that much more difficult for a thief to gain access to your home. A quality residential locksmith service is the key to making your home more secure, and one of the best locksmiths in Brisbane is BrizSouth Locksmiths. They offer a mobile locksmith service and an emergency locksmith service, so get in touch today and make your home secure.


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