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5 Most Common Types of Commercial Locks

Choosing a lock for your office can sometimes get confusing with so many varieties of locks in Brisbane. Check out the 5 most common types of commercial locks in our list to help you choose.

  1. Cylindrical lever locks: These are the most commonly found locks in residential areas of Brisbane. They might be a good option for commercial spaces as well if the office is composed of fewer people. However, if the number of people coming and going through the door is high, then this type of door is not recommended as heavy usage may damage it.
  2. Mortice locks: Quite similar in looks with a cylindrical lever lock, but what makes a mortice lock different is its durability and strength. These locks are a good option for commercial spaces because it can withstand the increased traffic and constant usage.
  3. Keypad door locks: Keypad door locks are one of the most commonly found door locks in offices where a lot of people use the doorway for entrance and exit. The advantage of these types of locks is that it can give access to multiple people without having to hand down the key. Keypad door locks without a key are also available. The advantage of keyless door locks is that it cannot be bypassed unless someone choses to break down the door.
  4. Panic bars: Panic bars are a basic necessity if your commercial space has an exit gate. As the name suggests, it is suitable for use when people are in a panic because it does not have a rotation or leverage handle. Such bars allow people a quick exit during a situation of emergency.
  5. Commercial electric strike locks: As the name suggests, this kind of lock is meant for commercial use. It is a combination of a panic bar and a keypad door lock. Such doors are controlled by a computer and will open only when the correct key code has been entered.

The type of lock that you finally chose for your commercial space depends on the layout of your building, number of employees, space, foot traffic and the habits and traits of the people you employ and service. Contact Brizsouth Locksmiths to have your further queries answers.


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