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Can I just get my key shell replaced?

by | May 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

A key shell replacement is a very cost effective solution to damaged, old, broken or worn out keys. Your old key can easily be fixed into a new shell with the help of a professional locksmith. When you bring your key to BrizSouth Locksmiths in Brisbane, our team will carefully remove the still working internals from your original damaged car key and place them into a brand new shell, extending the life of your original key.

We have all types of key shells of most car, truck and bike models. You can easily replace transponder key shells yourself, however, flip key shells, smart key shells, and remote key shells need to be replaced by a professional. These key shells contain minute and sensitive parts which can be removed and worked upon with special tools only. That is why you should never attempt to replace your key shell yourself even though there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet. This might result in the internal sensitive parts of your key shell getting lost or damaged. Our team at BrizSouth Locksmiths in Brisbane will work on your key with professional tools to give you a perfect finishing.

Aside from having a key shell replacement, other options for your key include duplicating, replacing or cutting an entirely new car or bike key. In order to duplicate your key, you will need to have the original key in your possession. In case you have lost your original keys or broke it inside the lock, you will need to have your keys replaced or have new keys cut. Our qualified and professional locksmiths at BrizSouth Locksmiths in Brisbane can help you to take the final decision.


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