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Useful tips about key cutting

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

Unexpected situations can lead people to take desperate measures and one of those unexpected situations is having to arrange for a key at the most inconvenient of times. Key cutting is an interesting and important activity and some tips might come in handy.

Hire an experienced locksmith

Experience is literally ‘key’ in this case. The more keys the locksmith has cut, the better the chances of getting an accurate and high quality key duplicated for yourself is. People normally opt for their convenience and cost. In the long run, a good key made by an experienced locksmith is money well spent.

Cut duplicate keys from the original key

If you haven’t lost the original key, always make duplicate keys from the original key. This ensures highest accuracy. If you make duplicate keys from a spare key, any minute differences will become bigger in the latter copy. Another issue with badly cut keys is that it can hamper the lock itself, resulting in even bigger problems.

Never hire a locksmith who is not trustworthy

Trust is a very important issue. If a locksmith is a freelancer and also if he is not from a well renowned service provider, or doesn’t have a good track record, the chances of burglary in your house will increase. A locksmith with a bad intention can do more harm than good. That’s why, always choose a locksmith from a reputed service provider. Good ratings, reviews, peer recommendations, industry impression and hard earned goodwill – all come into play while choosing a reliable locksmith.

Be aware of key type

There are regular key types and there are specialised key types. Regular keys can be done easily with generally available resources and a fairly experienced locksmith. However, specialised locks and keys will require those specific set of equipment and tools, and mostly the locksmith who is well versed with that particular brand or type of specialised lock. Before heading off, do a bit of   market research to find accurate information about the lock or key your require so you can get the best pair of hands to do the job.

Preparing for alternative arrangements can come in handy

Keep in mind that if you somehow lose the main key, or if there is no alternative key to use as a reference or source for copying, you might have to call a Locksmith to make new ones or install a new lock entirely. That’s why it is recommended to make several copies and have them distributed among each key user, one for visitors, one can be kept at a trusted neighbour’s home. If you get locked out, you can recover the key from the trusted neighbour.
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