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Steps to follow when your car keys are not working during ignition

When you’re rushing through a busy day the worst thing that can happen is when your car fails to start at the right time. Sometimes it just so happens that there is no apparent fault visible, yet the engine doesn’t seem to start after you put your car keys in ignition and then push buttons to turn it on. Should you encounter such a situation, approach it with a calm mind. The best solution is to call an expert locksmith service so the situation can be handled without any kind of technical casualty. Here are a few handy tips if you want to first check and solve the issue by yourself.

Try the spare key

Sometimes the problem might happen with the main key itself, in which case you can give it another try with the spare key. Chances are high that this might solve the situation. The edge of the key sometimes gets worn out, bent, or blunt. If yes, then you need to get the main key fixed, or make a new one entirely from a reliable locksmith service.

Tapping the spring

The springs inside the ignition chamber and also the main key can sometimes get stuck. For such a situation, you can gently tap the key surface when it’s inside the ignition socket. If it doesn’t solve the situation, you can also try tapping the ignition chamber. If the spring pops back to the correct position, the engine will start.

Turning the steering wheel

When the key is in the steering wheel unlock position, it will allow the steering to move left and right. Try moving it to both directions to find out the direction to which it gets stuck. Now, holding it in the functional direction, twist the key to the accessory position and turn the steering at the same time. Try this with the key in the engine start position as well, whilst turning the steering wheel. A few attempts may end up with the key actually working.

Lubricate the ignition socket

If the top methods fail, then the key ignition socket might be too jammed or dried up. You can try lubricating it with a silicon based lubricant, wipe off any extra fluid and then try with the key again. Twist and turn to try again. Hopefully it should work.

Call professional help

If all the above methods fail, then the problem might happen in the cylinder of the ignition lock, which is placed inside. If so, it’s mandatory to call for professional and reliable locksmith services. Chances of damaging the unit is high if you approach this problem on your own at this situation. If you are in Brisbane and facing such an issue, call Brizsouth Locksmiths on 0407 691 755 for support.


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